Mo O'Connell


“Do your research and establish your key career goals, be ready to work hard and most of all, network!”

Mo O’Connell is a Project Surveyor who has been at G&T for five years, having started her career as an Industrial Placement Student in 2014. In 2018 she passed the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) and is now a fully qualified chartered surveyor.

"I was attracted to G&T by the structure of the firm and the graduate training scheme. As G&T is a partnership, I knew I would have exposure to all colleagues, from peers to equity partners, benefitting from a broad range of experience on my doorstep.

G&T has seen me progress from an undergraduate student to a Chartered Surveyor in less than four years. During my time here I’ve gained experience on a range of different projects, from residential developments in central London to new education facilities in the Midlands. I am currently working in the commercial and residential sectors, including the growing Build to Rent (BTR) market. Each day is different and something unexpected can often crop up and cause you to think on your feet and efficiently prioritise.

Aside from the broad range of projects, the thing I like most about working at G&T is the people. Whether it’s your partner or the people you play a sport with, I enjoy working with like-minded colleagues who want to improve the firm and wider industry, and who support me on my journey at G&T"

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