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Following the recent Farmer review the industry has been involved in a heated debate about the future of construction. With a powerful message focussed on the skills shortage and lack of modernisation within the industry, Mark Farmer delivers strong words for construction’s top bosses in a review commissioned by the Government’s Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

Progression is at the heart of G&T and one of our core business values. Through our ever evolving workforce we plan for the future with programmes such as the new Apprenticeship scheme and our NextGen initiative. In September G&T launched The Chartership Programme, a training initiative which takes into account the changing landscape in early experience development. Read on to find out more…

Gardiner & Theobald - Graduates 2016
Graduate Intake

The construction industry continues to experience a skills shortage, with a significant number of professionals due to retire over the next 10 years it has never been more important to attract new people into the industry. G&T is a signatory of the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark which aims to create a more diverse and representative workforce in the construction and property industry. This is further supported within the firm through the introduction of The Chartership Programme.

At G&T, we take pride in nurturing the Next Generation of property and construction professionals, encouraging participation in training and development from the beginning but we are also mindful of ensuring we adapt the programme to meet the needs of the participants.

G&T has been training graduates since 1975 and has seen consistently high APC pass rates, well above the RICS national average. The first structured Graduate Development Scheme was introduced in 2004 and in September 2016 - evolving from the success of this initiative G&T introduced The Chartership Programme.

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The aim of The Chartership Programme is to ensure individuals joining the firm achieve their professional qualification in a timeframe relevant to them. This may take from one year for professional experience candidates to six years for our Apprentices but they all have the same goal in mind: Chartered Membership of RICS.

The programme includes a structured timetable of blended learning that includes seminars and interactive sessions, which are backed up by technical knowledge sharing, APC workshops, access to our online Learning Management System and the all-important on-the-job learning. All of this is supported by a network of qualified individuals around the firm who alongside their day to day roles act as facilitators, mentors and coaches to those on the scheme.

The programme builds on the G&T led Trailblazer Apprenticeships which saw academia, industry, the RICS and the Government work together to develop a new pathway for individuals to enter the profession. It aims at attracting a wider pool of candidates to the industry, not only those from university but also individuals from different backgrounds, ages and abilities by offering a structured training pathway regardless of whether individuals join us as apprentices, graduates or career changers.

Our first Chartership Programme cohort joined us at the beginning of September on a week-long orientation course to introduce them to the firm, its culture and what the beginning of their career will look like for them.

Gardiner & Theobald - Graduates 2016 2
“The early experience recruitment and development landscape has radically evolved over the past few years, which highlights how current initiatives are already playing a part in opening the profession up to individuals from diverse backgrounds. We understand however that there is a lot more to still do. We continue to take account of the changes in the market and business imperatives to ensure our recruitment, training and development is inclusive of all backgrounds and levels of experience”

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