Written by Andrew Paul
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Jul 08, 2020

IPA Launches Benchmarking Capability Toolkit to Help Transform Infrastructure

Written by Andrew Paul
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The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has launched a Benchmarking Capability Toolkit in association with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to help organisations assess their benchmarking maturity and capability.   

The free tool can be used by any private or public business and aims to increase collaboration across the industry, allowing organisations to share lessons learned, insights and best practice. G&T was proud to contribute to the toolkit, encouraging greater efficiency across the infrastructure sector. 

"The benchmarking capability toolkit will help to encourage greater efficiency across the sector and allow us to share best practice including lessons learned on previous schemes to increase collaboration. We were proud to contribute to the toolkit and champion continuous improvement in infrastructure."

Andrew Paul

G&T Partner

The IPA is the government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major project delivery. The IPA supports the successful delivery and continuous improvement of all types of infrastructure, working with government and industry to ensure projects are delivered efficiently and effectively.

"Benchmarking is an essential activity if we are to learn from past project experiences and improve time and cost certainty on infrastructure projects. The Benchmarking Capability Assessment Tool is an essential means to help organisations understand where they are and what practical steps they can take to improve."

James Fiske

Global Director and Data and Information Products, RICS

To find out more and access the full toolkit visit the website.

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