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Mar 24, 2022

Looking Forward: Supporting The Next Generation

After nearly a two year hiatus New London Architecture (NLA) brought built environment professionals back together at the impressive Coal Drops Yard for its highly anticipated NextGen speed mentoring event.

Written by GT
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G&T partners and NextGen mentors Chris Geary, David Elsmore and Tom Redhouse alongside mentee Sai Aziz all took part.

"It was great to have conversations with multidisciplinary construction professionals, learn new knowledge and build new relationships with other NextGen!"

Sai Aziz

G&T mentee & assistant surveyor

Work life balance, project advice, inclusivity, career pathways, thought leadership and discussions on what could be next for the sector were just some of the topics explored.

Those more senior heard from younger members about the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing. Whilst mentees got the chance to spark connections with industry experts they might not have otherwise met.

A diverse mix of architects, surveyors, designers, planners, project managers all took part, sharing knowledge and experiences and helping to support a more inclusive and resilient industry.

G&T has sponsored the NLA’s programme since its inception in 2016 encouraging those just starting out to grow their networks and have their say on the future of the built environment.

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