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Green hydrogen factory concept - hydrogen production from renewable energy sources

H100 Fife

H100 Fife is a first-of-a-kind demonstration project that's leading the way in decarbonising home heating. The project aims to save 2,650 tonnes of carbon by using green hydrogen in place of natural gas.

Electricity generated by wind turbines will be used to produce green hydrogen at a dedicated electrolysis plant. This facility separates water into its elements: hydrogen and oxygen gas. The hydrogen is stored on site in six purpose-built tanks. Enough hydrogen is stored to heat up to 300 homes, ensuring supply won't be disrupted during even the coldest weather conditions.

Hydrogen is then transported through a newly built gas network to opted-in homes. State-of-the-art hydrogen appliances, fitted and maintained free for participants, provide zero-carbon heating and cooking for the project duration.





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