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Neuron Pod

Neuron Pod

Queen Mary University of London's 'Neuron Pod' is an extension to Will Alsop's award-winning Blizard Institute and informal science learning centre 'Centre of the Cell' in the Whitechapel medical and dental campus of Queen Mary. The purpose of both Centre of the Cell and the new Neuron Pod is to provide an exemplary programme of public engagement with science to children, young people, adults and the local community.

The £2m free-standing pod sits on three legs, is 10m high, 23m long, weighs 25 tonnes and is connected to the Centre of the Cell's current space via a bridge.

Made up of 13 steel sections - prefabricated and then assembled on site - the structure is covered in 500 fibre optic spines which represent dendrites (hair-like extensions of nerve cells that transmit electrochemical signal) and light up at night.

The space can fit up to 60 people and will also be used to host community and cultural events, as well as external hire.


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