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Prestwick Spaceport

Prestwick Spaceport

Prestwick is set to become a leading centre for space under the Ayrshire Growth Deal’s Aerospace and Space Programme. The government-funded programme will see the creation of Prestwick Spaceport, one of the UK’s first horizontal launch sites along with proposed space cluster and R&D development programme.

Prestwick already has an established space and aerospace industry and the space programme will further bolster this through inward investment and space innovation opportunities. The spaceport is expected to launch small commercial satellites up to 800kg from 2023. Located on Scotland’s west coast, the new spaceport takes advantage of latitude, metrological conditions and over sea take off.

Site wide infrastructure is being created for launch service providers including a satellite integration facility, a payload processing facility, launch and mission control along with fuel storage and new taxiway and apron works.

G&T has worked closely with South Ayrshire Council since 2019 as their Strategic Partner leading the delivery of the spaceport alongside additional projects under the Ayrshire Growth Deal. We continue to provide a turnkey service, deploying and managing a team of specialists including programme management, cost management, safety, security, airspace, launch, environmental and infrastructure design consultants. Future plans at Prestwick include launch and in-space vehicle manufacture, satellite manufacture, micro gravity experimentation, human space flight and hypersonic flight operation.


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