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York Minster Centre Of Excellence

York Minster Centre of Excellence

This world-class Centre of Excellence for Heritage Craft Skill and Estate Management campus will provide training in the skills needed to help conserve York Minster. This is a project of enormous importance for both the Minster and the wider city.

The project consists of two separate sites:

Site 1 - Technology Hub: Refurbished support workshops will be provided for the electricians, plumbers, joiners and other heritage craftspeople. The current Stoneyard at 4 Deangate will be reconfigured to create space for a state-of-the-art 5 Axis CNC saw supported by a new band saw. New lifting systems will be installed and additional space created to reinforce the supply of stone on site. The CNC saw will allow a commercial element of the yard to be established supporting other heritage assets. The technology hub will see a developed drawing office with improved IT and digital technology to support the functionality of the new equipment.

Site 2 - Heritage Quad: To replace the masons' workshop at 4 Deangate, a new, simple organic structure will be built to the rear of 2 Minster Court below the existing City Wall. This building will also provide new facilities for scaffolders and gardeners as well as provide residential space for first- and second-year apprentices. The residential space will also accommodate national and international partnership exchange visitors.


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