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Jun 01, 2021

G&T Signs Armed Forces Covenant

Written by Editor
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G&T is excited to announce its support for members of the Armed Forces Community by signing the Armed Forces Covenant – a public declaration that we are a forces friendly employer.  Our commitments include supporting the employment of veterans and reservists as well as promoting the Armed Forces.  

“We are delighted to demonstrate our commitment to the Armed Forces community and value the unique skills and experience these individuals bring to our business.”

Adam Glover

Managing Partner

G&T already employs a number of veterans and reservists recognising the transferable skills they bring but one of our core objectives for 2021 is to increase representation of this group within our business and signing the Covenant is one step on this journey.

“As a former Army officer, Project Management is very suited to the skills and experience I gained from my military career. Leadership, prioritisation and communication in particular are three I use on a daily basis that were specifically taught and honed through my service. ”

Matt Bartlett

Director - Project Management

G&T has worked in the defence sector for a number of years, most recently as part of the Paragon JV, on the Defence Equipment & Support project in Bristol where we are bringing best practice commercial skills from the construction industry and applying these across the DE&S commercial function.

“Being an Air Force reservist complements my role as a commercial manager within G&T and reinforces skills like effective communication and decision-making, as well as providing me with different ways of approaching tasks - this is especially relevant for my role on the DE&S project.”

Adam Farrow

Commercial Manager - Special Projects

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant forms part of G&T’s Community Engagement and Social Impact Programme which continues to look for ways we can give back to the local communities we operate in.

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