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Nicky Wright


Nicky collaborates with clients to devise effective supply chain strategies and enhance supply chain visibility and resilience. Her primary goal is to adopt a market-led approach, leveraging UK suppliers and trade associations' expertise throughout project lifecycles to drive informed and tested strategies.

With a strong background in procurement, commercial and project delivery across both public and private sectors, she has delivered services to multiple high-profile projects and programmes across the infrastructure sector, including High Speed 2, New Hospitals Programme and Gatwick Airport. She ensures successful delivery through her focus on output and strategy.

Nicky is also actively involved in her clients' sustainability strategies and emphasises aligning them with relevant supply markets' capabilities. Her research on Social Value and Modern Slavery within the construction sector highlights the importance of comprehensive market engagement and supplier management to help UK clients achieve their sustainability goals and drive best practice through their supplier network.

Nicky's passion lies in creating innovative solutions to address the needs of clients' supplier networks.
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