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At Gardiner & Theobald we approach our work to not only limit impacts on the external environment but also provide places that are inspiring and healthy for those within them. We look to provide a better future environment for all and also an immediate positive environment in the places our clients live, work and play.

We are thought and action leaders in the industry, working with global and national green building councils (GBCs) and organisations on next-generation sustainability issues and frameworks. We have also helped to deliver world-class sustainability projects, from BREEAM “Outstanding” and LEED “Platinum” buildings to more comprehensive “net-zero” developments.

Some of our projects incorporate innovative technologies that are practical and reliable alternatives to current practice. Others require no new technology at all, but spring from an imaginative response to specific requirements – looking beyond the problem to provide solutions that are inclusive, economical, and environmentally sound. In each case we work with our clients to find appropriate, challenging and encompassing sustainability strategies for the particular project at hand, using costs and environmental effectiveness as our guide, and performance as our mandate.

Meeting sustainability goals requires a rigorous, thorough approach and one that is bespoke to the challenges presented by our clients. Our sustainability service includes:

  • Assisting decision-making by outlining whole life and operational costs
  • Aligning sustainable design criteria with budget and cost objectives of the design brief
  • Costing sustainable design, maintenance and long-term operation
  • Providing on-going reviews of sustainability capabilities, costs and performance
  • Identifying sustainable products and suppliers
  • Supervising construction site activities, waste management strategies and regulatory compliance

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Life Cycle Costing

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