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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a system to create one shared digital representation of the physical and functional aspects of a building which is then used by the whole project team.

BIM is mandated for all Government funded projects. It can add real value for clients in both the public and private sectors because it can save cost and time, allow more accurate estimation and help to avoid errors and alterations later on.

At G&T we are focused on making sure the adoption of BIM delivers value for clients. For publicly funded projects this means making sure teams are ready to make use of BIM and that clients can use the data to best effect. For commercial clients, this means looking at the benefits flowing directly from the use of BIM and seeing that these accrue to our clients.

We have invested in BIM technology to deliver projects within the UK BIM Framework, using ISO19650 as the framework to manage information. We continue to develop our capabilities as BIM becomes a more central part of the construction industry.

BIM offers benefits to clients through:

  • Clarity of information – implying a reduction in risk
  • More efficient working by designers, surveyors and contractors through shared use of the same information models
  • Early trapping of design errors
  • Reduction in unnecessary waste
  • Ability to provide more comprehensive and useful as-built information

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