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Data Centre Power Upgrade

The scope of this project is to consolidate two separate power systems so as to be fed from the single system, space planning and system configuration for a new power infrastructure system.

The work packages included the following scope:

Works Package #1A: Further development of a new 6.6MW MV power system to replace the existing MV and Low Voltage (LV) infrastructure. Integration of the LV infrastructure into the existing LV infrastructure. Both will involve, to a varying extent, new infrastructure (MV UPSs, switchgear, plant, and equipment), together with the reconfiguration of existing room layouts (together with new switchrooms, floor penetrations and the like.

Works Package #2: Development of a new 15MVA DNO incoming power supply arrangement (including highlevel distribution) and associated spatial planning, to complement the existing DNO power supplies. Spatial planning of the downstream (MV and LV, including switchgear, generators, and UPS systems) infrastructure associated with the new 15MVA DNO power supply, together with the importing of standby power and cooling capacity from Building 1 to support Building 2. Review and optimize, relative to the above, the masterplan for the technical spaces, switchrooms, etc across all levels, together with the reuse of the existing external MV/ LV compound.





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