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Biogas production plant with white domes in a grassy field

Future Biogas

Future Biogas develops and operates anaerobic digestion plants across the UK, producing clean energy from organic materials. It is now looking to expand its 14 existing sites with the construction of a number of new gas-to-grid bio-methane production facilities.

These sites will use the latest carbon capture technology, injecting transition gas directly into the grid to help the UK move away from fossil-based natural gas. Using this technology, the CO2 is scrubbed and then used for food grade purposes or tankered to a CO2 storage facility hub.

G&T’s role is to help the client get the best value for money with the best TOTEX outcome across all projects, ensuring that an efficient sustainable development is procured. This involves setting clear budgets and appointing a world-class supply chain of partners to support the delivery of this complex programme.


Future Biogas


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