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Princess Alexandra Hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital

The new Princess Alexandra Hospital entirely replaces the existing hospital on a greenfield site. One of the NHP's pathfinder schemes this hospital has also been the test bed for much thinking on the application of smart Internet of Things technology to create a digital hospital. Comprising over 70,000m², this new build scheme employs Automatic Guided Vehicles to provide hospital logistics.

G&T has employed Bryden Wood to develop a response to the challenge of incorporating P-DfMA as MMC into the design and construction process, with a root and branch reassessment of the design to seek to optimise platform based design solutions and yield significant benefits in terms of time and cost savings, while being able to increase productivity quality of the end product. This project based study has been able to inform the wider NHP programme on topics such as repeatability of structural solutions, the use of packaged MEP and component level MMC. This project has been a significant contributor to the DHSC NHP design convergence process and is expecting to conclude its OBC in early 2022.


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