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Stag Brewery

Stag Brewery

Spread across 22 acres, this mixed-use scheme will add 1,068 homes, a new 1,200-pupil secondary school, offices, a hotel and a full-sized community football pitch, while a range of retail units, a cinema, bars and restaurants will help create a thriving new high street. Green and open spaces will punctuate the site, with new pedestrian and cyclist access routes enabling access to the river.

With sustainability high on the agenda, the energy strategy for the Squire & Partners-designed development follows an all-electric heating strategy incorporating low carbon technologies such as Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) and rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

Recognising the importance of air quality in Richmond, the scheme aligns directly with Air Quality Positive London Plan Guidance and significant ecological enhancement measures are incorporated with the development achieving a Biodiversity Net Gain.

The scheme retains and enhances historic elements of the site, including a full refurbishment of the existing Maltings Building, upgrading the existing flood defences and enhancing the river towpath. In addition, the proposals include full landscaping of the site and extensive off-site highway works to help alleviate local traffic congestion.


Reselton Properties Ltd


Mortlake, Richmond

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