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Feb 27, 2024

An Interview with Jillian Love - Chair of WiP Central Scotland

Written by Editor
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On 1st March 2024, G&T marketing executive Jillian Love took on the voluntary role of Chair at Women in Property’s Central Scotland branch. 

Women in Property (WiP) is the leading networking organisation for women in the built environment, supporting the recruitment and retention of women across the industry and using its platform to encourage girls and young women to consider a career in property.

We sat down with Jill to find out what motivated her to take on this challenge and what the year ahead has in store...

Can you tell us a bit about your journey at Women in Property?

I’ve worked at G&T since 2006 in a fairly autonomous, desk-based role which has meant that whilst I’ve enjoyed working with internal teams, I was never directly involved in the wider industry. Upon returning from maternity leave I decided to let the people-person inside of me out by making new connections and growing my network.

Attending an event that was predominately female felt like a good first step, so I attended a WiP networking evening in Glasgow. The main thing I discovered at that first event was a boost of confidence, as I realised everyone there had the same apprehension and desire for authentic connection as I did.

How did you end up joining the committee?

It wasn’t long after joining WiP that I was suggesting ideas for events and hosting webinars, including a ‘Sustainable Space’ panel discussion showcasing G&T’s involvement in the pioneering Sutherland Spaceport project.

In 2021, I was invited onto the committee as social media coordinator by then Chair, Mairi Murray, and was honoured when she asked me to take on the Vice Chair role in 2023. I’ve gained so much experience from both roles, I'm excited to progress with the committee to run the Central Scotland branch.

G&T's Jillian Love networking at an industry event
“The supportive culture of WiP provides members with a safe space to share challenges and discuss where improvements can be made. I look forward to continuing to drive a programme that sparks inspiration and empowers us all to act.”

Jillian Love

Chair of WiP Central Scotland

What does the Chair role involve?

Central Scotland is one of the largest branches in the organisation with almost 300 members and 20 committee volunteers. The role of Chair involves overseeing our established Schools Outreach and Student Awards programmes, along with a programme of CPD knowledge sessions, site visits, networking and wellbeing events within Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

The role also involves managing branch finances, collaborating with other industry bodies and reporting into the national steering group whilst driving my theme for the year. It's an intensive role, which is why it only lasts a year!

I’m extremely grateful for G&T’s support as I embark on this new journey.

You mentioned a theme. What theme have you chosen for this year?

Each year the Chair chooses something important to them. The last few years have focused on sustainability (2022) and EDI (2023), both of which I’m passionate about and pleased to see so much progress in across the industry. My theme focuses on the confidence needed to take these learnings and new technologies and action them. 

My objective is to help spark inspiration and feelings of empowerment so that members build confidence, realise their value and take up more space - sharing bold ideas and learnings within their organisations.

My confidence has increased significantly by learning from my female role models through Women in Property and within G&T. Participating in coaching sessions run through G&T’s lifelong learning and development programme also shifted my mindset, making me realise that a lack of confidence is what holds many of us back, not lack of skill, ideas or ability.

"I believe that confidence is the key to driving change. When we fear negative judgement or failure the best we can expect is the status quo."

Jillian Love

Chair of Women In Property Central Scotland

Looking ahead to the programme for 2024 - what should we be looking out for in the next few months?

March is a really busy time for the committee as our annual dinner takes place on International Women’s Day, and our student awards judging days are held in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We will continue to cater for our members' diverse needs this year and have some interesting events organised until May, including a special guided walk in Edinburgh, a biodiversity and biophilia webinar, networking lunches and a panel discussion on the National Construction Equality and Inclusion Plan (NCEIP).

As hosts of this year’s People-Innovation-Place by WiP Summit, we are excited to welcome delegates from across the UK to Edinburgh on 14th November.

Flexibility is built into this year’s programme so we can remain responsive to members' needs. More coaching sessions will feature, along with some of my favourite confidence boosting tools like cold water therapy, breathwork sessions and alcohol-free events.

If you could say one thing to someone who might be in a similar position to where you were five years ago, what would you say to them?

Five years ago I had the limiting belief that confidence is something we either have or don’t have. I now know that it comes from positive self talk, realising our value and aligning ourselves with like-minded people that help bring out the best in us. These elements help dissolve the self doubt, and make daunting situations seem a lot more achievable.

“Jill’s commitment to Women in Property as Vice-Chair has been impressive and she will bring great enthusiasm, as well as organisational and interpersonal skills to the role of Chair. The principles of diversity, inclusion, community and social value that underpin Women in Property are shared with Gardiner & Theobald and we are delighted to support Jill in her role as Chair – I am sure that she will be a great success.”

David Logue

G&T Partner

WiP is hosting its national conference - People | Innovation | Place Summit at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh later this year. Tickets go on sale from 11 March 2024 and are open to everyone. To find out more about the programme visit the website:

G&T is looking forward to supporting Jill and the Central Scotland WiP branch, providing support as part of our Business with Purpose mission which invests in industry initiatives that are building a better tomorrow. 

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