Our Chartership programme is an industry leading structured training scheme which has been designed with one aim in mind; to enable you to gain your professional qualification in the minimum period. One such route to qualification is through our graduate scheme.

The graduate intake at G&T is defined by quality rather than quantity and if you join us as a graduate, you will be part of a cohort who you will build long term relationships with and stay with throughout your career with us. This creates a great sense of community and provides a support network at the outset of your career. 

You will be assigned a supervisor and a counsellor who will take direct responsibility for your training, ensuring that you gain the right experience on which to build more specialist knowledge.

We will encourage you to continuously challenge yourself and take on a level of responsibility early in your career.  The teams at G&T are relatively small and will provide you with the support you need to develop your knowledge and grow as a professional, whilst creating stimulating and unique opportunities.

All our graduates gain chartered status with the RICS and in order to do this we have established an RICS accredited structured training programme that will enable you to qualify in the minimum period of two years.

The RICS Assessment of Professional Competence is your goal from the moment you begin your career at G&T. Passing the APC gives you full membership of the RICS and is a real testament to your professionalism and proficiency as a Chartered Surveyor.

Studying for the APC is a two-year process and requires you to keep a diary of your experience and to fulfil the requirements of the competencies set by the RICS. The APC is quite unlike any exam or test sat during your previous studies; the final assessment being a formal interview in front of a panel of three chartered surveyors, which is designed to test your knowledge and ability to represent the profession worldwide.

You can begin the APC as a cognate or non-cognate graduate.

Graduate opportunities are available in our cost management and project management business units and we accept applications from graduates from all disciplines.
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