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Aj200 Jaguar Landrover

AJ200 Engine Manufacturing Facility - Jaguar Landrover

The initial project comprises the construction of a new machine hall and engine assembly workshop (Module 1) of approximately 73,000m² on the i54 Site in Pendeford near Wolverhampton. This scope was then extended to include an additional assembly workshop on the site (Module 1A).

The two main buildings, the machine hall and the assembly hall, are divided by a third building which accommodates over two storeys the main reception area, conference and exhibition space, staff and visitor restaurant as well as general offices and meeting rooms.

The external envelope construction is mainly to a curtain wall and cladding to a structural steel frame, with specialist ground floor slabs, precast planks and metal staircases internally. There is a mixture of proprietary and glazed partitions to form the designated areas. The additional assembly hall of Module 1A is a replica of the original assembly hall in Module 1.


Jaguar Land Rover


i54 Site Wolverhampton

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