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Services / Construction & Property Tax Advice
Specialist Consultancy

Construction & Property Tax Advice

We have a specialist team who support our clients’ accountants and tax advisors and supplement their general accountancy/tax services. We offer a full range of construction and property related tax services advising on Capital Allowances, VAT, Land Remediation Relief, Construction Industry Scheme and Fixed Asset Accounting.

Our specialist team combines taxation and surveying expertise. They understand not only complex tax legislation but they know how buildings are constructed and projects are managed financially. We concentrate our services on those areas where this unique combination will achieve the optimum result for clients, efficiently and accurately extracting the maximum possible benefit.

Our service offer is:

  • Highly experienced dedicated team with significant relevant experience
  • Direct access to comprehensive construction cost information
  • An excellent reputation and working relationship with HMRC and the Valuation Office Agency
  • Early and on-going involvement in all projects/transactions to ensure all benefits are realised
  • Knowledge of sustainable design and enhanced tax reliefs to achieve the most tax efficient solutions

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