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NextGen Future Cities Initiative

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Dec 09, 2022

Inspiring Change Makers

Congratulations to G&T assistant project manager Erin Sands on joining eleven other industry professionals and becoming part of the Built Environment - Smarter Transformation's Scotland Change Makers (BECM) committee.

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The Built Environment Change Makers (BECM) is a group of 12 professionals from all corners of the industry who advocate for systemic change in the sector and who are committed to making it happen. Through a programme of activities, they aim to support a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable industry. 

"I’ve always had a passion for understanding what ‘sustainability’ means in practice and as a Built Environment Change Maker look forward to accelerating learning and understanding around this topic. Through my role I hope to create the platforms and opportunities for the nextgen to see exactly how they can make a difference."

Erin Sands

Assistant Project Manager

Keep an eye out on our NextGen Hub for more updates from the Built Environment Change Makers.

Encouraging cross industry pathways is a key part of G&T's NextGen programme. Supporting our members to do the same means we are able to offer unparalleled insights on future leaders' needs, guiding those more senior and those not yet in the industry with the information necessary to action real change.

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