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Congratulations to Davin Mills from G&T New York for completing the TCS New York City Marathon, the world’s largest and most popular marathon, with more than 52,000 finishers in 2018.  Davin completed the course in 4hrs 06mins, a fantastic achievement (although his friends really let him know about those 6mins). 

We caught-up with him to hear all about his experience: 

Is this your 1st time running the NYC Marathon?

Yes. It was actually my first ever marathon. To gain entry, there isn’t a qualifying time but they offer a 9+1 Program which I completed in 2017. You need to have competed in at least nine out of 50 races and volunteered at one to be eligible. The races range from 5km to half marathons and are mostly in Central Park, which makes committing to them quite easy. Avoiding Friday night post-week celebrations in preparation for the races – not so easy.

Why did you sign up to run the NYC Marathon?

It’s similar to developing a really difficult project schedule – sometimes you just want to get a difficult one done, so it makes all the others seem easier.

Gardiner & Theobald - 2018 Davin Mills Marathon1
Davin Mills making it around the course

What was your final time?


What was the highlight for you?

The first 15 miles - they were relatively easy and actually enjoyable. It was a glorious day. You can’t have much to complain about when the sun is shining in NYC. Miles 15-20 were gruelling but manageable. After that miles 20-26 – well…I was wrecked – they were tough!

Would you run the marathon again?

At the time of answering this question I’m only 48 hours post-race, so my legs (and common sense) are telling me it’s not going to happen. But like anything, once the pain subsides I’ll probably remember the good parts – so maybe.

What was the atmosphere like?

Exhilarating! The crowd shouts your name quite regularly (in this case – Australia!), so you feel supported the whole way round.

How did it feel running with so many people?

It’s like truckers draught - the momentum pulls you along. It can feel like a rugby game when it gets crowded, but the training races gear you up to manage that.

How did your body feel afterwards?

My legs were completely ruined - I could hardly walk. My lungs and general energy levels weren’t too bad because it was a cool day, but the pain of pushing though those last few miles is pretty rough. The post-race beers helped!

Did you return to work after the Marathon?

Yep, following day. Could hardly walk down stairs, but a couple of slow site walks sorted me out.

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