Report by Tom Cannon 

Once a year G&T holds the Unders vs Overs Football match where the over 30s battle it out against the under 30s and this year saw the Overs take home the trophy. The game finished 2-1 with goals from Ed Critchley for the Unders and one a piece for Michael Tilley and David Mosley for the Overs.

With a few people leaving their professional conduct off the pitch earning themselves a spot in the referee’s notepad early on in the game, it was set to be a fierce battle to take home the prize, and more importantly the bragging rights.

Gardiner & Theobald - E 190417 N85 Medium
G&T Overs

The Unders took the lead with a bullet header from a corner by Ed Critchley. However, a few minutes before half time the Overs struck back with a classic Sunday league-esque free for all in the box, with the ball ricocheting into the back of the net bringing the game back on level terms.

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G&T Unders

As the second half played out the Overs’ experience started to show, both on and off the ball, with questionable theatrics from Jarrel Henry, who was taken to the ground and didn’t stop rolling for approximately 30 metres. The game pressed into the final 15 minutes with the score still tied, until a free kick found Michael Tilley in an outrageously offside position, who neatly converted – the referee rightly disallowing the goal for offside until the Overs pressured the referee into quickly reversing the decision.

Final Score: 2-1

Unders: Charlie Dye, Brad Szreider, Kieran O’Brien, Joe Doyle, Billy Clayton, Tom Cannon, Scott Wilson, Khaleel Katchi, Ed Critchley
Alex Bassett, Jeremy Marsh, Charlie Walters, Tom O’Regan, Ashley Maddams, Jack Castle

Overs: Oliver Booth, David Moseley, Scott Winterburn, Craig Chatley, Anthony Etherington, Rob Webber, Michael Tilley, Chris Gearey, Padraic O'Dwyer, Edward Wickens, James MacDonaldWatson, Charles Noblet, Simon Hughes, Jarrel Henry, Duncan Smith, Neil Langford, Nicholas Tibbitts, Stephen McGovern, James Stack, Mark Mills, Stewart Holmes, Justin Rookard

Check out our film to find out more and see the teams in action:


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