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Recruitment for G&T’s Chartership Programme is well under way with applications for 2019 opportunities now open. We receive a large number of applications from individuals looking to join G&T and around this time of year we are often asked by candidates ‘what makes a good application?’

Although there is no magic formula when it comes to making a great application we have put together the following top tips as a guide to help those of you looking to apply this year. Read on to find out more…

Be Yourself

One size doesn’t fit all

We receive applicants from various backgrounds, from school leavers and graduates to career changers. All of you are important to us and we want you to write the best application as possible.

However it is fair to say sending the same generic CV or cover letter to all the organisations you are applying for will not make the best impression. Make sure you think about each application separately and apply based on the individual merits each opportunity presents for you.

Personality and enthusiasm

It is important to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so we need to get to know you – we want to read your application and not only get a sense of your academic background and experience but also your personality and enthusiasm.

Think about the following questions when writing your application:

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have any interests that would help us get to know you better?

Be Prepared

Do your research

We are looking for candidates to show they have researched G&T and the roles that are available. We want you to show that you have done wider research beyond what is available on our website, such as checking our wider media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn and blog posts. This will show us you are keen and interested in G&T and aware of what is going on in recent G&T news.

Watch out for lazy applications! We will know if your words have been copied from our channels. We already know about G&T, we want to know more about you. Give us your opinion on something you have read recently in our news.

Knowledge of the industry

Passion for the industry and a level of commercial awareness is an important part of working at G&T. Consider the following questions and how you can demonstrate your knowledge when writing your application:

  • What do you know about the role you have applied for?
  • What issues are affecting the industry currently?

Having knowledge and awareness of the industry is not only important at the application stage but something that is vital throughout your career. Show us you are serious about the profession and committed to building your career.

The Application

Strong communication skills

At G&T the ability to communicate effectively is a key skill. At this stage we will be looking at how you communicate in writing. This is the first opportunity for you to sell yourself, so think about who will be reading your application. Try to keep paragraphs succinct and relevant while giving us enough information to make a decision.

Check, check and check again

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are vitally important when making a good first impression. It sounds obvious but an otherwise strong application can be let down by poor attention to detail.

Don’t go text blind! When you’ve read your application several times you can start to miss things. It is worth getting someone else with a fresh pair of eyes to check through your application before submitting it.

CV and cover letter

Like I mentioned earlier, sending the same generic CV will not help you make a good impression. You need to tailor your CV to G&T and why you want to be part of our programme. It is important to understand the attributes of the job and make sure your CV reflects the skills required for this specific role. Highlight your achievements and accomplishments and why they are relevant for this post.

Your CV should highlight who you are and what you can do and your cover letter should express your motivation and provide us with an insight into the kind of person you are. Consider the following questions when writing your cover letter:

  • Why G&T?
  • Why The Chartership Programme?
  • Why should we choose you?

We hope these top tips provide you with some guidance for your application for The Chartership Programme – the key is to remember that you are your own best advocate so make sure you showcase all you can bring to G&T in your application.


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