NextGen Speed Mentoring: Bridging the Gap

G&T’s NextGen programme forges links between established professionals and the next generation looking to grow their careers. 

As programme champion of New London Architecture’s NextGen initiative G&T hosts Speed Mentoring events throughout the year, welcoming next gen and established professionals from across the built environment.

"We're only looking after our part of the industry for a short time, so it's important to encourage the next generation to make those connections and grow the built environment for the future."

Steven Bennett, G&T Partner

Gardiner & Theobald - E 190215 N8 Medium
G&T Partner, Steven Bennett and NLA Senior Programme Curator, Lucie Murray

Sharing knowledge across generations is an important part of the NextGen initiative. Events such as speed mentoring not only allow the mentees to learn from the experiences of the mentors, but they also encourage established professionals to ask questions about the challenges being faced at the other end of the career ladder and understand how the younger generation might try to address these issues.

In a time where the gap between generations in the workplace is only set to get bigger as retirement age increases, it is important to provide both the next gen and more senior professionals with a platform to learn from each other and share their experiences.

The G&T NextGen programme began in 2014 and has evolved to include a number of industry partnerships with organisations who share a common goal - to champion up and coming individuals, help them to develop their skills, build their profiles and grow their professional networks across the built environment.

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