Stora Enzo Launches New Concept for Constructing Offices from Wood

Today, Stora Enso is launching a new building concept that makes it easier for architects, engineers and developers design office buildings from wood.

The concept provides guidance on the use of prefabricated wooden building components and delivers information to support the decision-making process for all major stakeholders involved in an office building project.  

G&T Partner, Oliver Booth provided Cost Management consultancy on the concept alongside Ramboll, JLL and Scott Brownrigg. 

“Increasingly, employers and building owners are looking for office buildings that fulfil their sustainability standards and reflect the value they place on their employees’ and occupants’ health and wellbeing."

Jari Suominen

Executive Vice President of Stora Enso’s Wood Products division

Stora Enso has developed a new flexible, modular wooden office concept which meets requirements for open space, grid space and clear ceilings. The concept enables office adaptation and demonstrates how the building products and applications can be used in a way that meets fire safety and acoustics regulations.

The concept will be launched via webcast on Tuesday 19th November.

Find out more and read the full press release here.

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