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Mar 13, 2020

G&T is Proud to Support the National Trust

Written by GT
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G&T is delighted to be named as the first patron of the National Trust’s new corporate supporter initiative. 

With 500 historic buildings, 780 miles of coastline and 250,000 hectares of land, the National Trust is responsible for maintaining and protecting green spaces and landmarks across the country and we are proud to support their hard work. 

Gardiner & Theobald - 1206444
Morston Quay at Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk - © National Trust Images/Justin Minns
"When we work together, we can achieve amazing things. Thanks to the backing of organisations like yours, we can protect more wildlife, restore more treasures and care for special places for generations to come."

Hilary McGrady

Director-General of the National Trust

G&T believes in doing the right thing to make a positive social impact, from the way we operate as a business to the projects we work on. Ethical Thinking is one of our core values and we have a proud history of giving back to the communities we help to build.

Our Community Engagement programme supports five strands of charitable activity that reflect this commitment. One of these strands is ‘Protecting the Environment’ and through our support of The National Trust we endeavour to make a difference and help preserve these spaces for future generations.

Gardiner & Theobald - 1412080
The North West Front at Ascott - © National Trust Images/Andrew Butler
Gardiner & Theobald - Corporate Supporter Of Black Web
“G&T is extremely proud to be named as the first patron of the National Trust’s corporate supporter initiative. We believe it is vitally important that our countryside and coastline is protected and historic buildings are preserved - we look forward to supporting The National Trust in their work in the future.”

Richard Lee-Cunningham

G&T’s Community Engagement Committee Chair

Gardiner & Theobald - 1518324
Wastwater at Wasdale Campsite, Cumbria - ©National Trust Images/Paul Harris

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