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May 11, 2020

Leadership through Lockdown: CPA NextGen Diaries

Written by GT
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The City Property Association’s (CPA) NextGen released a series of diaries documenting their lockdown experiences over the past few weeks.

G&T is proud to be champion of the CPA NextGen programme, whose diaries prompted a conversation with senior leaders from across the industry sharing knowledge and ideas about what the future might hold for property and construction in the City of London. The conversation looked at lessons learnt from the last market downturn to shine a light on possible opportunities that might come from the current challenges being faced due to Covid-19. 

Covid-19 has shaken up the property industry and the normal routines of all who work in it. For an industry previously heavily reliant on day to day human interaction, lockdown has forced employers and employees to come up with new ways of working, networking and collaborating in order to keep the industry thriving.

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“Despite being used to working remotely with my various teams, we would still meet in the office for collaborative work, workshops, brainstorming sessions, meetings with clients, consultants and suppliers prior to the pandemic. We have had to adapt and make up for a loss of personal interactions.”

Aneta Popiel

CPA NextGen Chair

The diaries from the CPA NextGen committee tell the isolation stories of NextGen professionals from across the industry, their experiences of lockdown and how the companies they work for have responded. They also look at what the future might look like and positive outcomes they hope might come from the crisis.

“The movement towards agile and more flexible working may accelerate, but it seems to me that the crisis has reaffirmed the importance of personal connection.”

Rachel Ashton

CPA NextGen Committee Member

The webinar recorded following the release of these diaries saw Aneta Popiel, Workspace as a Service Manager at HB Reavis & CPA NextGen Chair and Andrea Valentini, Associate Director at Waterman Group & CPA NextGen committee member pick the brains of CPA Chair Dan Scanlon, Senior Vice President of Developments at Brookfield and CPA Vice Chair, Harry Badham Head of UK Development of AXA IM - Real Assets, alongside fellow board member Karen Cook, founder of PLP Architecture.

The conversation that followed helped unpack some of the fears currently faced by the younger generation who haven’t yet been through a market downturn in their professional lives, with advice given from the senior leaders including their key learnings from the experience of working through the 2008 recession, which could help guide the industry through the current storm.

Watch the full webinar.

G&T has been a member of the CPA for many years, working with leaders from across the built environment to ensure the City of London remains a place where businesses can thrive. The CPA became one of our NextGen partners at the beginning of 2019 following the launch of its own NextGen initiative the previous year.

Find out about our NextGen partnerships in our newsroom article.

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