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G&T's NextGen Programme

We are proud to support the next generation of industry leaders across the built environment.

Dec 01, 2020

G&T Hosts Virtual Group Mentoring Event

Written by GT
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Last week we welcomed mentors and mentees to G&T’s first NextGen virtual group mentoring event, bringing together the next generation of G&T leaders for an afternoon of encouragement and inspiration.

Following the events of this year and as part of our adapted NextGen programme the event offered those looking to progress in their careers the opportunity to gain invaluable advice from senior G&T figures. 

“The goal is to help mentees advance their skills and progress in their careers but it is a two way process…as mentors we never stop learning and events like these offer us the opportunity to see new perspectives from the mentees.”

Adam Glover

G&T Managing Partner

The format was an informal approach to mentoring where mentors and mentees were split into groups of four or five participants including a mix of mentors and mentees. Each participant spent 20 minutes in three different rooms connecting with individuals they might not have otherwise met in their day to day roles.

Mentors included G&T Managing Partner, Adam Glover, Hospitality expert and G&T Partner Theo Constantinides, NLA NextGen Sounding board member and G&T Associate Director, Nancy Elgarf and G&T Partner Kerry Gibbs.

“Mentoring helps individuals learn from previous experiences, both good and bad and provides a much needed sounding board for issues that can be easily resolved when openly spoken about.”

Nancy Elgarf

G&T Associate Director

Topics discussed ranged from project updates, career goals, personal challenges, experiences throughout COVID-19, working from home and much more. This event was run as part of G&T’s NextGen programme which aims to support those looking to develop their careers to learn new skills, meet individuals from across the industry and to create platforms for debate and discussion.

“A valuable opportunity which I would encourage everyone to partake in especially in today's climate.”

Lucy Rose

G&T Assistant Project Manager

As the pandemic continues, it has never been more important to build new connections, network with more senior figures in the firm and to share knowledge across generations. Due to the high levels of interest in this event we are looking forward to holding another speed mentoring session in the New Year.

“It was great to expand my network, especially as I haven’t had the chance to over lockdown and to gain an insight into life as you progress at G&T.”

Grace Allen

G&T Apprentice Surveyor

G&T’s NextGen programme has been running for six years now and aims to support those looking to progress in their careers to build industry networks whilst creating platforms for discussion and debate. Now more than ever initiatives like NextGen have become hugely important to maintain and develop new and existing relationships across the built environment. All of this would not be possible without our NextGen partners, NLA, CPA, WPA and Revo Hub who continue to offer an exciting programme of virtual activities and opportunities with some of the best networking events in the industry.

“It was aspirational to see how people from a variety of backgrounds have progressed in the firm and gives you confidence knowing there isn't one path to become successful at G&T.”

Yvonne Nanyanzi

G&T Assistant Project Manager

For more information on our NextGen programme visit our NextGen Hub.

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