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Mar 03, 2021

NextGen Kickstarts Virtual Mentoring

Written by GT
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As part of our new hybrid NextGen programme and in response to the changes we have experienced as a result of the pandemic, G&T launched its first virtual mentoring initiative. The programme aims to bring together individuals from across the firm who wouldn’t usually meet in their day to day roles to encourage new perspectives and long lasting connections. 

Over the last three months we have been bringing mentors and mentees from across the business together virtually to share knowledge and experiences and increase the feelings of inclusivity which have been tested throughout past year. To date a total of 41 mentors and 61 mentees from across G&T have taken part in our mentoring programme, covering a variety of sectors including retail, healthcare, education, aviation, infrastructure, commercial and many more.

“It is very rewarding to be involved in G&T’s mentoring initiative and provide support to our valued employees in all our offices around the UK. I’ve enjoyed immensely speaking with many individuals that I would not usually have the opportunity to talk to and it is a great forum to listen and share thoughts and new ideas.”

Jonathan Eyles

G&T Partner & NextGen Champion

The programme provides the mentees with the opportunity to meet more senior G&T figures, something which has become more challenging since everyone started working remotely. We hope these conversations will be just the beginning of longer lasting internal networks, allowing mentees to learn first-hand what it takes to be successful in the industry. Mentors have the opportunity to hear new ideas from the next generation of industry leaders during a time when fresh perspectives and innovative thinking are needed the most.

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G&T's Virtual Mentoring
“The goal is to help mentees advance their skills and progress in their careers but it is a two way process…as mentors we never stop learning and events like these offer us the opportunity to see new perspectives from the mentees.”

Adam Glover

G&T Managing Partner

At our most recent event G&T managing partner Adam Glover gave an introduction offering his insight on why mentoring and building a professional network is so important, with partner Courtney Natoli sharing her experiences as a mentor for CREW UK’s mentoring scheme. Other mentors included Jonathan Eyles, David Mosley, Kelli Williams, Paul O’Keefe, Steven Bennett, Kat Clover, Kerry Gibbs, Kevin Arnold and Rob Knight

“It was great to expand my network, especially as I haven’t had the chance to over lockdown and to gain an insight into life as you progress at G&T.”

Grace Allen

G&T Apprentice Surveyor

Mentoring is a hugely valuable tool and can often be the catalyst for inspiring career development. Mentors not only impart real-life lessons and skills upon their mentees, but can open doors to professional networks, enabling connections to other professionals who can help support career success.

Thank you to all our mentors and mentees who have taken part so far.

For more information on G&T’s NextGen programme or to sign up visit our NextGen Hub.

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