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Lord's Media Centre

The £5m internal refurbishment and remodelling of the Stirling Prize winning Media Centre will allow, through extensive modernisation, the building to better accommodate modern broadcasting needs which have changed massively since the building was completed in 1999.

With no external alteration possible due to its 'Building of Merit' status within the St John's Wood Conservation Area, it was a complex and technically challenging exercise to create approximately 15% of additional Gross Internal Area within the existing monocoque aluminium structure, and the design process utilised BIM to ensure exact co-ordination between all design disciplines.

A new larger TV camera gantry, which facilitates TV coverage of four additional pitches, has been installed from the existing building, removing existing ground supports and maintaining future flexibility below. In-depth engagement with MCC, BSkyB, BBC, Channel 5 and other broadcaster partners has ensured that the proposals satisfied international broadcasting requirements and maintain Lord's Cricket Ground as the prime venue for hosting international cricket matches in the world.


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