Haiti Visiting School Workshop

G&T hosted a workshop in partnership with the Architectural Association (AA), with Haiti Visiting School course leader, John Naylor, delivering an interactive lecture on building with bamboo. 

As an extension of our sponsorship of the Haiti Visiting School, the workshop offered participants the chance to learn more about bamboo as a material and how it can be used within building construction. 

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© Christina Solomons

Attendees learnt about the diverse species that can be found and how the properties of each species vary dramatically. John gave examples of bamboo construction around the world, including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Haiti. Each country uses material in a very different way, depending on the species that was most readily available to them. 

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© Christina Solomons

Following the discussion the group was asked to make their own bamboo structures based on the knowledge they had learnt throughout the seminar. 

To see some of the structures and find out more about the workshop check out our images from the event below:

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