G&T Founding Member of the Stone Circle


Gardiner & Theobald is the first founding member of The Stone Circle - a new corporate fundraising initiative launched by English Heritage

In 2015 English Heritage was given charity status and now has the freedom outside of government to determine its future. The Stone Circle is part of an ambitious programme to raise £75 million in the next seven years, with £33 million needed in the next three years in order to meet its immediate objectives.

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"G&T values the contribution English Heritage makes and we are both proud and excited to be the first founding member of the Stone Circle."

Simon Jones - G&T Managing Partner

English Heritage is custodian of 420 historic sites which tell the story of England from pre-history through to the Cold War. Through its strong track record in the Arts, Heritage and Culture sector, G&T was invited to join the Stone Circle and connect with the charity’s historic sites and conservation projects which help preserve England’s living history.

“As a firm of unrivalled heritage in the property and construction sector, G&T values the contribution that English Heritage makes to the built environment through its unique collection of historic sites, paintings and artefacts. We are both proud and excited to be the first founding member of the Stone Circle and to show our support for English Heritage’s objective to preserve the story of England for generations to come.” 

- Simon Jones, Managing Partner of Gardiner & Theobald.

See our press release for more details.

Want to find out more about English Heritage? Visit their website: http://www.english-heritage.or...

Read more about the Stone Circle here.

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