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G&T led the successful completion of the NBCUniversal Telemundo global headquarters in Miami, FL, where it provided full project management and cost management services on this $250+ million project, from 2015 into 2018.

The NBCUniversal Telemundo Global Headquarters is a free-standing, three story, 476,000 square foot facility, composed of tilt-up concrete panels and steel framed construction. The facility contains 15 broadcast studios equipped with state-of-the-art production and editing technology, office space for over 1300 employees, cafeteria and other amenities.  The 21-acre greenfield site holds parking for more than 1,100 vehicles, along with a separate free-standing 50,000 square foot satellite antenna yard. The building was designed with all the technological and digital capabilities required to allow for optimal connectivity and advanced multi-platform production.

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One of its most unique and impressive attributes is the centrally located production workspace—which at over 25,000 square feet and over 30 feet in double-height open space—is the largest single open newsroom in the entire USA within an active broadcast facility. Telemundo Center sets the new standard for Hispanic media as the only next-generation, multimedia production facility with news, sports, entertainment, studios, international and digital all under one roof.

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Among the guiding principle for the new headquarters’ conceptual design was the adoption of advanced sustainability standards. Strategically-placed skylights allow for natural light throughout the building. To further promote energy savings, all lighting in the facility is 100% LED and individually controlled by a building automation system. Ten electric car charging stations were also installed, along with bicycle racks and locker room facilities for employees who commute by bicycle.

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Through modern workspaces and activity-based work stations, Telemundo Center’s open plan design and cutting-edge technology is specifically designed to spark innovation, generate powerful experiences, and foster the kind of creative energy and cross-business ideation and collaboration essential to the workplace of the future in a world-class media operation.

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