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Feb 27, 2020

The Wing is Here to Stay

With International Women’s Day around the corner, G&T spoke with the project team who delivered The Wing’s flagship London female-only work and community space.

Written by GT
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Following the opening of its largest hub to date in October 2019, The Wing (a growing female-only community) has hit the ground running. With a membership of 10,000 across the UK and US and a waiting list of over 35,000 it looks as though this phenomenon is only just getting started.  

Built over five floors the new mixed-use development in Fitzrovia includes a fitness suite, beauty room and restaurant, with menus developed by local chefs including Skye Gyngell, Margot Henderson and Melanie Arnold. The project aims to deliver everything their members might want from their day to day surroundings and work environment. 

‘Working with The Wing on their first international space was a great opportunity to work with a diverse team from different backgrounds all working together to realise a unique and soulful end product."

Nancy Elgarf

G&T Associate Director

Nancy Elgarf, G&T Associate Director further commented:

"Although challenging, being brought onto a project part way through meant the team all had to pull together and get their hands’ dirty, from moving furniture, to bringing in art specialists on a tight schedule to create a variety of distinctive environments. We were proud to be part of the team and look forward to helping The Wing expand internationally."

Gardiner & Theobald - Thewing N10 Gtwebland

© The Wing

G&T provided Cost Management, Project Management and Strategic FM Consultancy services on the scheme after joining the project in April 2019. Joining the project part way through and with a demanding programme for completion, the challenges navigated included a -5 hour time difference between the UK based project team and US client and the determination shown to deliver a space of the highest quality with the maximum impact can be seen in the final result.

The space itself spans across a five floor townhouse in the heart of Fitzrovia and is The Wing’s largest site to date. The interior scheme was as much part of the development as the vision and idea itself, where diversity of style and design was key to the overall picture. The interior design team, led by Laetitia Gorra, created a collaboration between British and European styles that can be seen across the different locations within the space - where inspiration was taken from cities such as Barcelona, Paris and London.

Gardiner & Theobald - The Wing Ladies Team
The Project Team
"It was a pleasure working with such a professional group of women across industries to help bring the vision of our first international location of The Wing to life."

Laetitia Gorra

Head of Interior Design, The Wing

"Each space we create is unique and is designed specifically with the needs of the local city in mind. For The Wing London, we incorporated design elements from all over Europe in order to create a space where our diverse community can feel motivated and inspired while also being productive and collaborative."

Laetitia Gorra, Head of Interior Design, The Wing

Even the literature and artwork has a unique twist, with the library holding works from some of the world’s forgotten female writers and the walls showcasing inspiring pieces from artists such as Sara Berman, Fiona Shaw and Tobi Falade.

Gardiner & Theobald - Thewing N12 Gtwebland

© Tori Williams
"Being brought on midway through the process meant that this was always going to be a challenging project to deliver given the tight budget and programme constraints. It was great to be part of a team that had such a clear vision for the space and who were looking to do something truly unique. Following the success at Great Portland Street, we look forward to working with The Wing again in the near future."

Glenn Hammersley

G&T Executive Surveyor

Founding members of The Wing include Emilia Clarke, Adwoa Aboah and Alexa Chung, and with plans to expand across London the appetite for such spaces seems here to stay.

Find out more about in our project case study.

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