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Risk Management

Risk Management is the identification and valuation of the uncertainties and contingencies involved in a plan - both positive and negative - and the subsequent calculation and control of their impact on the plan.

Gardiner & Theobald’s expertise in Risk Management is the key to successful projects - closing out projects on budget and on time, having identified the risk beforehand. Without this crucial first step projects can fail to avoid delays and changes that could otherwise be circumvented. With G&T’s systematic approach to Risk Management, we work within detailed and confined boundaries and are therefore less likely to encounter surprises down the road.

Value Management: One of the major tasks will be to create a working environment where team members fully co-operate as opposed to “defending” their design. A clear understanding of the design process is necessary for this role.

The benefits of Risk Management to our clients

  1. Identifies risks or unforeseen events that might threaten the project’s success
  2. Extracts, through the process, otherwise often subdued views of the project team in concerns and threats that may threaten the project
  3. Puts the client in the ‘driving seat’ with respect to decision making in what risk mitigation action it believes is worth pursuing taking account of wider business risks which we and the project team may not be aware of
  4. Aids communication between stakeholders, reduces conflicts, reduces ambiguity and supports consensus in recommendations
  5. Forces the agreement of a baseline objectives, scope, schedule, cost and promotes the adoption of the same complementing formal change control
  6. Supports configuration management
  7. Provides justification for initial contingency and supports the phased reduction of contingency as risks are managed, avoided or occur, returning any residual for other projects, management use or ‘profit’ and ‘share holder’ benefit
  8. Assists the client in communicating upwards in its organization issues which cannot be managed, characterizing and providing a degree of protection to the client project team


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