NLA Summer Academy 2017

G&T hosted NEW LONDON ARCHITECTURE'S (NLA) SUMMER ACADEMY, developed as part of the wider NLA Learning Programme. 

The NLA Learning Programme is a pioneering scheme aimed at young people between the ages of 14-19 looking for a career in the construction industry. G&T hosted the first NLA Summer Academy that offered 15 students a unique opportunity to attend workshops, site tours and meet working professionals from across the industry. 

G&T Partner, Tony Burton, gave the students their first introduction to the built environment with a presentation on the opening day of the Summer Academy. The wider aim of the programme - to encourage the younger generation into construction and secure the future of the industry - is one that aligns with G&T's business value Progression and has a strong link to our support of the next generation of property and construction professionals. 

Throughout the week-long programme the students learnt how buildings shape cities, the environment and way of life, through a range of hands-on practical activities. They were allowed access to the NLA's 1:200 scale model of London and were given the chance to learn all about the concept of placemaking, where they could propose their own ideas for activating the site of a real new development Millenium Mills, Silvertown at Royal Docks. 

"Gardiner & Theobald’s involvement in our Summer Academy week was invaluable."

Lettie McKie, NLA's Education Manager

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Summer Academy Presentations - © Christina Solomons

The last day of the course had the students working on their final presentations, before taking part in a speed mentoring event held at G&T's HQ in London. The event involved 15 professionals from across the built environment answering questions about careers in the construction industry and the different pathways that could be available to the young people taking part in the programme. 

After the speed mentoring all mentors were invited next door to the Building Centre, where the students presented their final ideas for activating the Millenium Mills site.    

G&T's Stuart Le Boutillier attended the speed mentoring event and final presentations. He commented after the day:

"It was great to have the opportunity to be a mentor in the speed mentoring event and hear how the students in the programme were interested in discovering a career in construction. The final presentations showed their creative and innovative ideas and that the younger generation have a clear understanding and interest in the concept of placemaking. I was proud to represent G&T and to show the younger generation how they can influence the built environment through a career in the construction industry."

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G&T's Stuart Le Boutillier discusses his career journey - © Christina Solomons
"I was proud to represent G&T and to show the younger generation how they can influence the built environment"

Stuart Le Boutillier, G&T Executive Surveyor

Following the completion of the Summer Academy, Lettie McKie, the NLA's Education Manager commented:

‘Gardiner & Theobald’s involvement in our Summer Academy week was invaluable, we would not have been able to run the project successfully without the support of Laura and the volunteers from your team. Not only did you provide essential workshop space and make our young people feel welcome but throughout the week you gave them opportunities to learn from the professionals. Tony’s talk about the construction industry on Monday was a brilliant introduction and the speed mentoring session on Friday was a fantastic addition, which many of our young people found extremely useful for making contacts for work experience and portfolio advice’ 

If you want to find out more about the NLA's Learning Programme please visit their website: http://www.newlondonarchitectu...

Click on the images below to see more from the NLA's Summer Academy's final day:

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