G&T’s Tony Burton Discusses ‘A Vision for the Future’ at Ecobuild 2018

Earlier this month, Ecobuild 2018 celebrated its 14th year. G&T Partner, Tony Burton, debated ‘Construction Leadership and a Vision for the Future’ as part of one of the panels, in association with New London Architecture (NLA).

With the future of industry professionals becoming ever more challenging, the panel delved into how we continue to engage the younger generation and the issues they face over the next 30 years.

G&T’s Tony Burton, along with other industry experts, listened to their ideas and fears in achieving a sustainable working environment. Topical issues were discussed including skills gaps, retention of professionals, attitudes to housing quality and building performance.

Tony Burton

The Ecobuild conference focuses on sustainability and the future of the built environment, showcasing innovation and forward thinking creation. A key event in the industry calendar, it highlights opportunities to present and debate big picture issues, both current and in years to come.

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