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London 2123: Future Leaders' Vision
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Sports & Leisure

Most sport and leisure projects represent a ‘once in a lifetime’ investment for our clients. Critical to the success of these projects is understanding industry trends and the key business drivers for each client. As well as seeking the optimum venue, the cost and the creation of a sustainable legacy are often at the top of their agendas.

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Beyond the Bottom Line: How Benefits-Led Programmes create value for society
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Beyond the Bottom Line: How Benefits-Led Programmes create value for society

By Arvinder Birdi

At a time when our society faces unprecedented challenges, the concept of value for money is evolving to encompass more than just the outputs from new infrastructure assets. There is a growing emphasis to realise broader benefits and societal outcomes established in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies that are intrinsically linked to organisational objectives and purpose.

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  • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

    Works begin on new advanced manufacturing facility

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  • Ebury topping out

    Major Milestone Reached on Regeneration Project

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  • Plane taking off into the sunset

    Nurturing Knowledge and Developing Connections with the British Aviation Group NextGen

    By Editor
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