Written by David Logue
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Jul 08, 2020

CICV Forum creates new consultant sub-group led by G&T Partner David Logue

Written by David Logue
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The Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV) has set up a specialist sub-group to gather and share expertise from some of Scotland’s leading consultants. Since its creation in mid-March, the forum has been at the front of the efforts to support the construction sector in Scotland, distributing information and becoming the first port of call for advice.

The CICV was formed in early March 2020 in response to the impact of COVID-19 on people and businesses within the industry. With a focus on collaborative action, the forum brings together senior representatives from 25 construction trade and professional associations, whose members operate across Scotland’s built environment supply chain. 

The CICV Forum also receives input from more than 35 other organisations who contribute their expertise to eight sub-groups. These sub-groups coordinate specific functions, with input from representatives from a range of other organisations. Currently the sub-groups include, Commercial, Employment, Future Planning, Skills, Clients, Health & Safety, Communications and most recently Consultants.

“Now that restart is under way in earnest, cooperation and collaboration is more vital than ever, so we appreciate the knowledge and expertise that these new forum contributors bring.”

Alan Wilson

Forum Chair and SELECT Managing Director

G&T is proud to support the initiative with G&T Partner David Logue leading the consultants sub-group. Other organisations that make up the sub-group include, JM Architects, Currie & Brown, Keppie Design, Reiach & Hall, Page/Park, Woolgar Hunter, Atelier Ten, David Narro Associates, Will Rudd Davidson, Turner & Townsend and Hardies.

“We are grateful to have been given this opportunity to listen and offer assistance where it is needed to help reshape the sector during the restart and recovery phase.”

David Logue

G&T Partner and Board Member

By pooling expertise and knowledge, the forum represents the interests of Scotland’s diverse construction supply chain with one voice. Forum priorities include lobbying the Scottish Government to influence policy and push for positive action, and to give expert focus to important sector issues including commercial, employment, planning for the future, skills and health and safety.

Its latest initiatives include the release of an animation about returning to work safely and a free downloadable restart pack containing posters, checklists and fact sheets advising how to manage the restart while keeping staff safe.

It also recently provided health and safety underpinning guidance, furloughing information for employers, a consultation about the future of the industry in Scotland and vital advice for apprentices and staff preparing to return to college.

The forum has also carried out a series of surveys, hosted popular webinars on health and safety, financial and employment issues, and maintained regular dialogue with the Scottish Government to help ensure a safe return to work across the sector.

For more information, please contact:

Iain Mason, Chair, Communications Sub-Group, CICV Forum


To see the full list of organisations involved and to find out more: http://cicvforum.co.uk/about-us/

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