Interview with RICS Youngest Qualified MRICS

As the current youngest qualified MRICS surveyor, Uwais Paderwala hasn’t forgotten the long hours he put in to achieve this title. And in November 2017, his hard work paid off when he officially became ‘MRICS’.

Uwais began his apprenticeship with G&T in 2011 through the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust, preferring a more hands on approach to learning.

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"I was never text book smart and felt I learnt better by getting my hands dirty. An apprenticeship meant I could put the work into practice and learn the theory alongside it."

Uwais Paderwala

The process itself was no mean feat and Uwais admits that focus weekends, together with onsite and offsite learning were key to his development, but a lot of sacrifices had to be made.

"My biggest fear was not feeling ready. But then you process the questions and you realise you can answer them. That’s a big confidence boost! I just had to keep reminding myself I’d prepared as much as I could have."

Uwais Paderwala

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Since qualifying, it’s business as usual for Uwais:

“G&T already has you working as a QS so you’re lucky in that sense. You’re not overwhelmed by it all because you’ve already done it. However, the opportunities have become far greater – I’m excited for the future.”

Uwais’s involvement in the apprenticeship scheme doesn’t stop at his own. Since 2012 he has worked closely with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, continuing to change the perception of both the construction industry and apprenticeships.

"I’ve been part of some seriously inspiring events. To have worldwide RICS directors in the same room as aspiring students means that those at the top want the change as much as we do. Programmes such as Trailblazers have had a massive impact."

Uwais Paderwala

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Apprenticeship Trailblazer Launch - © Christina Solomons

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