Diversity & Inclusion

​G&T has committed to the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark

"We believe our commitment to the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark will help to open doors to as many people from different backgrounds as we can and that those people will see welcoming and successful careers available to them."

James Angus

G&T Diversity Champion

The Quality Mark drives behaviour changes in the RICS membership by encouraging all firms, large and small, to look carefully at their employment practices and have inclusivity at the heart of what they do.

At G&T, we understand that the most successful organisations have workforces that are reflective of the general population and communities in which they work. We are signed up to the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark to help us create a more diverse and representative workforce in the construction and property industry because we believe it will have significant benefits for individuals, organisations and clients.

G&T has pledged its commitment to adopting and continually improving against the following principles:

  1. Leadership and Vision – commitment to increasing the diversity of the workforce
  2. Recruitment – engage and attract new people to the industry from under represented groups; using best practice recruitment methods
  3. Employee development – training and promotion policies that offer equal opportunities for career progression
  4. Employee retention – flexible working arrangements/adaptive working practices
  5. Employee engagement – an inclusive culture where all employees engage with developing, delivering, monitoring and assessing the diversity and inclusivity policies
  6. Continuous improvement – continually refreshing and renewing the firm’s commitment to being the best employer; sharing and learning from best practice across the industry
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