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If you aspire to stand out from the crowd and become a business owner in the future then G&T is the place to build your career.

"At G&T we aim to recruit only the very best people and once they have joined us we invest time and money in ensuring they are trained and equipped to offer the best advice and market insights"

Adam Glover

Managing Partner

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Independent for over 180 years

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People-orientated culture

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Lifelong learning through the G&T Academy

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Work on exciting and iconic projects

We are one of the leading independent construction and property consultancies. Our success is underpinned by track-record, strong identity and cultural values which have developed over generations. G&T has a well-documented heritage which is woven through the very fabric of the property and construction industry.

Today G&T has 900+ dedicated employees. We are large enough to service projects on the global stage but small enough to know our employees and clients personally. The same unique identity and cultural values are experienced by G&T people – be they clients or employees - all over the world from London to New York.

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Lauren Bartlett

Experienced candidates and business support

Lauren Bartlett

Victoria Davoren

Chartership Programme and early experience

Victoria Davoren

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