Work on exciting and iconic projects

Working at G&T will undoubtedly bring you in contact with some exciting clients and projects during your career. We are a trusted advisor on some of the largest and most transformative schemes across the UK and US. We also work on projects which have incredible sustainability credentials or which make a positive social impact that improves the world around us.

Gardiner & Theobald - Theatre Royal Drury Lane N84 Gtwebland

Theatre Royal Drury Lane


Gardiner & Theobald - Hardman Square Pavilion N2 Gtwebland

Hardman Square Pavilion


Gardiner & Theobald - Edgelondon Bridge N2

EDGE London Bridge


Gardiner & Theobald - Little Island

Little Island

New York

Gardiner & Theobald - St James Q N7 Medium

Edinburgh St James


Gardiner & Theobald - Cdy N12 Gtwebland

Coal Drops Yard


Gardiner & Theobald - Efcnew Stadium N2 Gtwebland

Everton Football Club


Gardiner & Theobald - Heathrow Expansion N6 Gtwebland

Heathrow - Independent Fund Surveyor


Gardiner & Theobald - Wapping Wharf N28 Gtwebland

Wapping Wharf


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