Jun 23, 2023

BM Trada Yearbook: Unlocking the Potential of Modern Construction

The future of construction is evolving rapidly and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are leading the way in this transformative journey.

G&T recently organised a series of panel discussions to explore the potential of MMC and address concerns and challenges associated with its implementation. These insightful conversations brought together experts from various sectors of the supply chain.

Matt Holman, G&T partner, has examined these discussions and their implications for unlocking the potential of modern methods of construction in the latest BM TRADA Yearbook. In this publication, Matt presents key considerations for offsite manufacturing, procurement impact and onsite challenges.

"We discovered the importance of understanding the manufacturing process of any chosen MMC solution when embarking on a new development where early engagement is a key driver for success."

Matt Holman, G&T Partner

To delve deeper into our findings, you can download the MMC Whitepaper or explore our MMC series on the Market Intelligence website.

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