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Cost Management

Cost Management is one of G&T’s core services. Our independence from the rest of the supply chain means we provide impartial advice, delivering the right solutions to protect our clients’ interests and maximise on their investments.

Over many years and across almost all sectors of the built environment we act as consultants in a range of roles to predict and manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client's goals and become their champion in project delivery, empowering their decisions with our depth of knowledge.

Our service includes:

  • Helping to establish project viability and a robust baseline
  • Using our extensive market intelligence to advise on best value in the market at any given time
  • Estimating and cost planning to proactively manage construction costs
  • Optimising cost performance at every stage using our extensive benchmarking data
  • Minimising risk for clients by identifying and managing issues
  • Dedicated capability to integrate new technologies such as smart buildings and sustainability

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