Neilston Community Wind Farm

Neilston Community Wind Farm

With a legacy of delivering wind farm projects across England, G&T has now been appointed on its first wind farm project in Scotland. The Neilston Community Wind Farm will provide four 2MW wind turbines utilising Neilston’s natural wind resource to significantly reduce the town’s carbon footprint. It will also generate substantial revenue from the sale of green electricity which will be reinvested in the town to ensure that is a sustainable, economically robust, well planned and well-connected small town.

Recognising that developing a wind farm is technically and financially challenging, Neilston Community Windfarm LLP has formed a joint venture with specialist renewables developer, Carbon Free Developments Limited. This is a unique collaborative effort in which Carbon Free will be responsible for the technical, development, planning and construction aspects of the project.


Neilston Community Windfarm LLP


Neilston, Glasgow

Services Provided

Cost Management
Project Management
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David Logue
T+44 (0)141 568 7333